Mermaid Heart Ring - Vanessa Baba
Mermaid Heart Ring - Vanessa Baba

Mermaid Heart Ring

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▲ AMETHYST ▲  One of the most spiritually relaxing stones, wearing amethyst will calm & shield you during a stressful day & quiet your mind at night for sound sleep. This stone strengthens your intuition, allowing you to make decisions without fear and hesitation.

▲ TURQUOISE ▲  This powerful personal protection stone was used in ancient times as a shield for warriors heading to battle. Allow it’s calming energy to safeguard you by healing old emotional wounds, chronic stress, & blocking negative energy.

▲ CLEAR QUARTZ ▲ This ultimate healer stone keeps your body healthy by linking to & clearing all your chakras. This is the perfect stone to program for manifestation. Just set your intention & the stone will constantly send that wish into the universe even when you are not thinking about it.

PINK OPAL ▲  This pink stone is a heart-chakra opener helping to open, cleanse, and heal this energy center. The heart chakra can store painful memories, and cleansing this chakra will allow negativity to be released so healing can begin. Wear this stone and vibrate with emotional healing, emotional balance, and tranquility.

  • Features genuine raw gemstones in a glittery eco-resin base.
  • Ring is 1.75’ at the longest point.
  • Natural gemstones have slight variations in size, color and shape, making each ring unique and one-of-a-kind.
  • Handcrafted with love.
  • Measure your ring size with our printable ring sizer. 
  • If you don't see the size you are looking for or have any other questions, email us at
  • Rings are custom sized to order and are non-refundable. Read our return policy here.

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