About Vanessa

.Vanessa Erskine is a jewelry designer from California. Her love of art, color and jewelry was sparked at an early age. She studied Studio Art and Painting at San Francisco State University where she created paintings covered in glitter and jewelry. She later got her MBA at Pepperdine University and worked on various initiatives throughout Africa to empower women through business and artisan crafts. Her passion for learning new cultures led her to live and work in Italy, Korea, Rwanda, and Ghana, always inspired by each cultures unique art. While working with women seamstresses in Ghana, she fell ill with malaria and had a malaria-induced vision of a shimmery crystal ring, the inspiration for what is now Vanessa Baba. She left her job in Ghana and began her road to recovery in Bali, where she would work on her unique vision. In 2017, Vanessa Baba was born. Vanessa is an energy healer and certified reiki healer, and spirituality influences and inspires much of her creations. She believes spirituality and art, as with most things, should be fun and inclusive. We hope you feel welcome, worthy and included here in Baba land! 
Fun Fact: The beach - any beach - is her happy place.