About Us

Spiritually protective jewelry with attitude.

Here at Vanessa Baba we're all about crystals, spiritual healing, fun and even laughs (go ahead, laugh at the sight of our biggest rings!). Vanessa Baba takes the morbid seriousness out of spirituality and throws in that oh-so-necessary fun. So, earth-tones welcome but...glitter too (glitter is DEEP). We believe spirituality is not an exclusive club but is for everyone with a beating heart...ok plants too...and the elements...ok it's for EVERYTHING and that includes you. Whether you're a gemstone loving, meditation mastering, energy healing expert, or you just want some positivity and pretty colors in your life, we've got you covered and you are worthy!



We think nature is neat so we do our best preserve it. All of our resin rings are made out of plant based, eco-friendly resin with a carbon footprint of virtually zero. 

The children!

Before Vanessa founded Vanessa Baba, she spent time working all over Africa and found her home away from home in Rwanda working with former street children. 1% of all sales go to Organization for Rwandan Youth at Risk, an organization we trust, are passionate about, and have seen kick ass.