About Us

Spiritually protective, ethical crystal jewelry with attitude.

The Baba studio is a sun filled space in beautiful SoCal where mermaids swim amongst peace sharks and the moon sings to the rhythm of the surf. In this sacred space, we infuse Reiki and good vibes into each hand-crafted piece. The freeform juxtaposition of beautiful raw gemstones and eco-resin is what gives Vanessa Baba Jewelry an unmistakable style. We are committed to creating original crystal jewelry with imagination, joy and overindulgence. Our gems take the seriousness out of spirituality and throw in that oh-so-necessary-kick-assery.  We believe spirituality is for everyone with a beating heart whether you are a boss babe or an energy worker. And who doesn’t love a little sparkle on a Wednesday?


Protecting our planet and our people. 

We know nature rocks and is the soul connection to our being, so we do our best to preserve it. All of our resin rings are created of plant based, eco-friendly material with a carbon footprint of virtually zero. Our crystals are sourced from mother nature, who provides their natural color and one of a kind shapes. We do not test on animals and feed our models non-GMO, gluten free, organic sustenance.

Before launching Vanessa Baba Jewelry, our founder spent time working throughout Africa and found a home away from home in Rwanda working with former street children. 5% of our Healing Heart Collection sales go to ORYAR, the Organization for Rwandan Youth at Risk. ORYAR’s mission is to provide homeless, marginalized children in Rwanda with shelter, food, counseling, education and especially loving care as they work towards reintegration into family and community life.  With our hearts, we serve others. And we encourage you to use yours purposefully too.