Soul Healing Ring Sz 9/10
Soul Healing Ring Sz 9/10
Soul Healing Ring Sz 9/10

Soul Healing Ring Sz 9/10

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  • Size 9/10 
  • Features genuine raw Rose Quartz, Green Calcite, and Clear Quartz gemstones with a gold chain in resin base.
  • Handcrafted with love.
  • Ring sizes run snug, so order a size up if you are a half size or are unsure. Measure your ring size with this printable chart. 
  • Two finger rings are two sizes side-by-side for maximum comfort. For example, size 7/8 is a size 7 next to a size 8. We recommend wearing it on the middle & ring fingers so you still have a lot of mobility.
  • 1.75" at the longest point.

The unconditionally loving energy that radiates from this stone will help your heart forgive, heal it from past hurts, & restore your faith & compassion. Wear this stone to open your heart to self-love, familial love, friendship love, and to attract romantic love.
This abundance stone assists in drawing money & prosperity to your doorstep. Wear it to amplify your desires and accelerate your ability to manifest success & abundance. It exudes calming energy that allows you to think outside the box & break free of any ruts.
This ultimate healer stone keeps your body healthy by linking to & clearing all your chakras. This is the perfect stone to program for manifestation. Just set your intention & the stone will constantly send that wish into the universe even when you are not thinking about it.